Yakushoku Distpiari
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Name Yakushoku Distpiari
Japanese 役職ディストピアリ
Rōmaji Yakushoku Disutopiari
Alternative Titles
Synonyms Gesellschaft Blume
Type Manga
Volumes 5
Chapters 22
Status Publishing
Genres Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen
Authors SENGA Fumitaka, Tellmin
Serialization Young Gangan

Yakushoku Distpiari (役職ディストピアリ Yakushoku Disutopiari), also better known as Gesellschaft Blume, is a manga series by SENGA Fumitaka and Tellmin.


The world of Gesellschaft Blume emulates a video game; displaying levels and damage points. This world is plagued by M.O.N.stars and Demon Overlords. The main character Truza, among other Subjugators, must put a stop to them. A girl named Almy confronts Truza in a bar to request membership to his team but was rudely dismissed. After a small scuffle and a few haersh words, Truza and his team left the bar. The team arrives in a forest and takes on the Blue Slime Almy pursues them, but by the time she catches up, she discovers that Truza was the only survivor. Now without a team, he must assemble a new one to prepare for the next call for an Overlord attack.

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Cover Title Chapters Release Date ISBN
Volume 1
Yakushoku Distpiari 1
February 25, 2015 ISBN ?